Dance Into the Future of Energy at the Shell Energy Lab.

Energy Floors welcomes everyone to step on the dance floor at the Energy Lab, which is part of the Shell Eco-Marathon in Rotterdam (Ahoy, 15-19 May). The Energy Lab is an interactive exhibition that features many attraction in the context of the Future of Energy, including a huge Kinetic Dance Floor installation.

More than 50 square meters of the Sustainable Dance Floor invite visitors for a dance in the headphone-disco. DJ’s will play the right energizing tunes and a camera takes the ultimate photo, triggered by the dancing crowd. On a big screen, a joule and watt- meter displays what is happening on the floor as well as a red LED-Battery that reacts on the dancers and the amount of energy they created.

The Shell Eco Marathon is a yearly event held in three cities on three continents, including Rotterdam. Student teams around the world battle to find out who will drive the furthest on the least amount of energy. In this context, the Energy Lab is inviting young and old to take a journey into the future of energy and technology.

How long do you need to dance to power your notebook for an hour or to provide enough electricity to fully charge your phone? We will give answers next week on the Kinetic Dance Floor. This video vizualizes what the visitors can expect: Video Shell Energy Lab.

The entrance tickets are gratis, just require an online registration. Click here to get your free ticket.

The address is: Ahoy, Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA  Rotterdam

Wednesday 15th - Sat 18 May 2013   Open 09:00 - 18:00
Sunday        19th May                          Open 10:00 - 17:00

Energy is Everywhere!

Please click here for photos of Energy Floors at the Shell Energy Lab/ Eco Marathon 2012.

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About Energy Floors

Energy Floors 
(formerly known as Sustainable Dance Club)

Energy Floors has gathered specific knowledge about sustainability, technology and design and applies those skills to create innovative concepts and products that can be implemented (fixed or temporary) in locations all over the world.

We believe that consciousness about energy and the impact humans have on it, are the main conditions for the creation of a sustainable world. 
Our mission is to create awareness about energy production and energy consumption by making it interactive and fun and relating it to human scale.