Energy Floors and Zumba dance to fight hunger!

Energy Floors and 'The Great Calorie Drive' - launch event on April 24, makes Zumba friends share their energy on a big energy generating dance floor and at the same time fight hunger! Burnt calories will be counted by the floor tiles and translated into donations. Famous musicians like Phillip Phillips and Lil Jon support the event.

The Sustainable Dance Floor works as great tool to work off calories, generating energy and having fun at the same time. Therefore, Zumba Fitness installs 64 dance floor tiles on wednesday the 24th of April for the kick-off party of ‘The Great Calorie Drive’. Our interactive floor tiles count the burnt calories of all attendees, and a screen will display the exact amount which has been shaked off.

The party will be featured by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, TV star Lil Jon as well as hosted by Kass Martin, a celebrity Zumba instructor. People’s burnt calories during this special Zumba class, will be transformed into a donation to Feeding America and the United Nations World Food Programme. Zumba Fitness wants to contribute to to solve one of the most solvable problems in the world: hunger. The global brand is challenging the world during the coming 3 month to help donate 2.6 billion calories that will equate to 3.5 million meals toward hunger-relief efforts. 

The event starts at 7pm and takes place at DIA 545 W 22nd St., New York. 

""Don’t just burn calories, donate them.”" Zumba Fitness
About Energy Floors

Energy Floors 
(formerly known as Sustainable Dance Club)

Energy Floors has gathered specific knowledge about sustainability, technology and design and applies those skills to create innovative concepts and products that can be implemented (fixed or temporary) in locations all over the world.

We believe that consciousness about energy and the impact humans have on it, are the main conditions for the creation of a sustainable world. 
Our mission is to create awareness about energy production and energy consumption by making it interactive and fun and relating it to human scale.