Energy Floors powers Earth Hour

Sustainable Dance Floor lights up with human power

On Saturday the 23rd of March, Energy Floors will install an energy generating dance floor that will contribute to the global Earth Hour event. This innovative flooring system will provide the possibility for participants to contribute their human power to this impressive statement for sustainability!

After the success of the Eart Hour event in 2012, WNF asked Energy Floors to illuminate and power the Earth Hour event with the Sustainable Dance Floor (SDF) again. The floor is a patented and innovative system that converts human power into usable electricity.  

At 8.30pm all lights on the Willemsplein and surroundings will be switched off for one hour; the city centre will be dark. During the hour, bands and spectacular acts will be performing on stage, and dancers will be sharing their energy on the SDF. The LEDs in the dance floor will light up in the dark because of the human energy that is provided by the dancers. A large battery will indicate the amount of energy generated; after one hour this battery will be filled and the lights will be switched on again! 

Earth Hour began in one city in 2007 and by 2012 involved hundreds of millions of people in 152 countries across every continent, receiving reports as ‘the world’s largest campaign for the planet’.

Both the WNF and Energy Floors are sharing the believe that together, our individual actions add up to make a difference collectively regarding energy and responsle living. This shared vision led to a joint event for the 2012 edition.

The Sustainable Dance Floor will be present this year on the WIllemsplein in Tilburg, Netherlands. The event is public and the entrance is free.

For more information, please contact Gian Walhain (, 010 276 22 13).

About Energy Floors

Energy Floors 
(formerly known as Sustainable Dance Club)

Energy Floors has gathered specific knowledge about sustainability, technology and design and applies those skills to create innovative concepts and products that can be implemented (fixed or temporary) in locations all over the world.

We believe that consciousness about energy and the impact humans have on it, are the main conditions for the creation of a sustainable world. 
Our mission is to create awareness about energy production and energy consumption by making it interactive and fun and relating it to human scale.