Sustainable Dance Club powers the Olympics 2012

The Sustainable Dance Club is present at the London 2012 Olympics with the energy generating Sustainable Dance Floor (SDF). The SDF is the first and most effective energy-generating floor, which can convert the energy produced by dancing into electricity. The interactive installation at the Olympic Park involves visitors in a unique ‘Energy Experience’ with a dynamic light installation, 6 Energy Hand Pedals and 8 energy generating SDF modules.

The installation was designed and built for EDF, official supplier of the Olympics and Paralympics. In an organic shaped pavilion located at the Olympic Park visitors are made aware and taught about energy and electricity in an engaging and entertaining way.

Specialized in human powered interactive installations, the Sustainable Dance Club combined 8 Sustainable Dance Floor modules with 6 Energy Hand Pedals, both powering an interactive feedback system; screens showing energy meters which show how much energy is generated, and spectacular LED light tubes responding to the movement of the visitors.

After the Winter Olympics in 2010, these are the second Olympic Games where the Sustainable Dance Floor is present. The SDF is a Dutch invention being used worldwide to create awareness in a fun and innovative way. When it comes to human movement and energy, being present at the Olympics is probably the most inspiring platform to present the energy floor and new products like the Energy Hand Pedals. Michel Smit, CEO:

“We believe that people will become more aware about the value of energy once they have experienced it personally. Therefore we create fun and inspiring installations that seduces the public to share their energy. At the same time we inform them about energy production and energy consumption: this has proven to be a successful method at many great occasions, like the Olympics."

The Pavilion is open to public from the 27th of July from 9am until midnight throughout the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. For more information regarding this topic, please contact:

Gian Walhain
+31 (0)10 276 22 13 

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""Visit the EDF Pavilion and discover the magic of electricity. We’ll show you our brightest innovations, give you tips on managing your energy and demonstrate how electricity is generated. Drop in at any time during the Games. We’d love to see you!"" EDF (no name given):
About Energy Floors

Energy Floors 
(formerly known as Sustainable Dance Club)

Energy Floors has gathered specific knowledge about sustainability, technology and design and applies those skills to create innovative concepts and products that can be implemented (fixed or temporary) in locations all over the world.

We believe that consciousness about energy and the impact humans have on it, are the main conditions for the creation of a sustainable world. 
Our mission is to create awareness about energy production and energy consumption by making it interactive and fun and relating it to human scale.